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I love helping clients feel and look great and capture their awesomeness! I’m so lucky to meet, work with and showcase my clients' beauty. Every one of my clients has such an amazing story to tell and I live to help them tell it through photographs.

When I’m not busy shooting you can catch me planning my next trip to Disneyland or rewatching one of my favorite shows -- currently re-watching Friends (but also always rewatching The West Wing).

Oh, hey! I'm Lauren - a movie-loving, corgi-owning photographer who was lucky enough to marry my best friend, Ryan in an awesome destination wedding in Scotland. Most days you can find me snuggling Luna (the aforementioned corgi), watching movies with Ryan or taking photos (duh). I’m known for my love of cookies and burritos and for being an incredibly enthusiastic hype woman. I have the high honor of photographing amazing humans that love laughter and candid moments. 

Being able to work with awesome business owners and inspiring women makes my life so full of joy. Partnering with amazing brands to bring their visions to life makes my work exciting and creatively fulfilling.

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I'm Lauren!

I get to work with amazing women doing amazing things. Hearing about them chasing their goals and helping them take their businesses to the next level inspires me to achieve and dream bigger.

Clients that are chasing their dreams

I'm very pro matching t-shirts and cheer sections. But you have to walk the walk. Community over competition isn't just a saying, it's a way of life.

women that support and empower other women

I believe that photos are just straight-up better when they involve color, laughter and capture your true personality. I strive to work with my clients to unlock their unique awesomeness and bring it to their images.

Color, movement, & strategy

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